Slutty Vegan’s Secret to Success

Slutty Vegan's Secret to Success

Slutty Vegan’s Secret to Success is a marketing framework called AIDA. Keep reading to find out how you can use it for your businesses!

Slutty Vegan's Secret to Success

First, let’s start with a bit of Slutty Vegan history. In 2018, Pinky Cole decided to take orders for vegan burgers on Instagram. Her burgers became so popular that she was able to get a food truck only a few weeks later.

Four months after starting her business out of her two-bedroom apartment, Cole opened the doors to the first Slutty Vegan restaurant. It started off with a bang, 1,200 people showed up in 45-degree weather (that’s cold to us southerners) for a taste of that vegan goodness.

Recently, Slutty Vegan opened the first restaurant outside of Georgia- in Birmingham, Alabama. Again, the opening was wildly successful. How is Pinky able to duplicate her initial success over and over again?

She uses a marketing framework called AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.


Let’s start with the name, Slutty Vegan. What did you think the first time you heard it? Personally, I was shocked that any restaurant could get away with having that word in their moniker. The name, in and of itself, stopped me in my tracks. You can do the same for your business.

What is something that would stop your audience in their tracks? It could be a name, like Slutty Vegan- or Shooting Your Shot, or it could be a message that is so targeted that it is hyper-relatable. See the reel I made called How To Stop The Scroll to learn more


I was immediately curious to know what they sold and learn more about their story and what prompted them to use such a risqué name. My interest prompted me to check out their website and see what they had on the menu. Once you have the attention of your future clients, you want to keep it by sharing interesting facts about your business. How is your business different than other businesses in your industry?


After hearing about the restaurant and seeing what it had to offer, I was definitely interested in trying it. However, I NEEDED to try it after I heard that they had lines that went around the block on a regular basis.

At this stage, you want to explain to your audience how the product and service will make their lives better by using testimonials or any other type of social proof that validates your offer. In this case, I knew Slutty Vegan’s food just HAD to be good since the demand for it was so high.


I didn’t go to Slutty Vegan for the longest time because it was out of town- but thankfully, they just moved to the neighborhood of Woodlawn in Birmingham, AL so I’ll get to try them soon. It didn’t take much for Slutty Vegan to get people in Birmingham to take action in supporting the restaurant because they had already done so well with the other three principles.

The icing on the cake was when she had a block party for the grand opening of her business last weekend. Not only was the restaurant going to open- but it was going to be a party. At this point, who wouldn’t want to go? To get your audience to take action, you should give them a reason to buy today. That might be having an event- like a block party, or it could be giving a limited-time discount/ coupon or by limited availability.

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